Global Liner Cured-In-Place Pipeline meets all ASTM guidelines and even exceeds strength
requirements included within ASTM-D515-04.

Customer Service:

Global Materials Company prides itself with exceptional customer service. Global Materials Company achieves this service by being flexible to the needs, specifications and timelines of our customers while providing a quality product that meets or exceeds the customers’ expectations. Global Materials Company warranties all lining tubes for a period of 1 year from all manufacturing defects.

Global Liner Option Parameters

Global Liner is designed based upon the following criteria to meet or exceed the manufacturing specifications as outlined in ASTM D5813 & ASTM F1216

• Diameters: 4″ to 130″

• Thickness: 3 mm to 100 mm

• Length: Up to 3000′ Linear Feet

• Resin Compatibility: Polyester, Vinyl-Ester

• Changes in Diameter: Attainable

• Shape: All Shapes

• Coatings: Poly-Urethane, Poly-Propylene

• Installation Techniques: Water, Steam, Pull-In

• Imprint: Customizable

As an Iso 9001:2015 certified manufacturer we ensure the highest level of quality control and traceability. What can Global Materials do for you today?