Refratta HAC-100 is highly resistant to microbiologically
induced corrosion designed specifically for the sanitary
sewer/wastewater industry.

100 % Pure Calcium Aluminate Repair Mortar

REFRATTA HAC 100 is a super high strength repair mortar specifically designed for use in the sanitary sewer / wastewater industry. As a 100% Pure Calcium Aluminate material, it is highly resistant to Microbiologically Induced Corrosion ( MIC ) commonly found in municipal wastewater systems. It is ideally suited for application to lift-stations, manholes, pump stations and wet wells through a wet shot-crete method. As a super high early strength monolithic rehabilitation mortar it has excellent properties for eliminating infiltration and inflow. REFRATTA HAC 100 has excellent adhesion properties, high compressive strength as well as superior abrasion resistance. The nat-ural occurring elements of REFRATTA HAC 100 provide excellent resistance to highly acidic environments and naturally inhibit growth of Thiobacillus Bacteria common-ly found in wastewater environments.


• Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation

• Sewer Lift Station Rehabilitation

• Wastewater Treatment Tanks

• Wastewater Transmission Lines