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Global Materials


Global Materials
Wet-Out capabilities


To help you save you time in the field, our facility is able to complete the wet-out process for you inhouse, so your liner is tested and ready for installation. If that is not your preferred method, we also offer over-the-hole wet-outs. Our wet-out facility has the capability to impregnate custom liners 3” in diameter and above.


Global Wet-Out is designed using industry-leading
manufacturing experience and tailored to customer specifications.

Global Materials
Wet-Out capabilities


• Thickness: 1.5mm to 100mm
• Diameters 3” to 130”
• Length: Up to 5,000 Linear Feet
• Resin Compatibility: Polyester, Vinyl-Ester, Specialty Resins Available Upon Request.
• Changes in Diameter
• Shape: All Shapes
• Coatings: Poly-Urethane, Poly-Propylene, Specialty Coatings Available Upon Request.
• Installation Techniques: Water or Steam
• Imprint: Customizable
• Domestic and International Delivery Available
• Over-The-Hole Wet Out Available
• Aggressive Turn-Around Times

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